Adding Business Apps to Workspace 365

Workspace 365 Business Apps are linked to Exchange, SharePoint or Office 365. This allows you to link your documents and e-mails to projects, activities and more using any device at any location via internet. The Business Apps are easy to use, giving users a clear overview and making users more efficient. After completing the steps in the document, you will be able to activate Business Apps.

Note: To activate “standard” Business Apps please contact support.

Learn how to build your own powerful Business Apps during these training videos:
Workspace 365 – Business App Webinars


To set up Business Apps follow the steps in this document:

Note: Only the Workspace Administrators are able to organize this.

  1. Navigate to “Settings” -> “Apps Management”
  2. Select one of the new Business Apps by clicking the tile

Click “Install” and enable the app. Depending on the configuration of the Business App, more options will appear after having installed the app. For example, see next screenshot: you have the option to select the root folder where new folders will automatically be created every time a new Project record is created in the Workspace (which could be used for saving documentation related to this Project record). Also a template location can be set.

At the upper left of the screen, permissions can be set via the “Permissions” button. As an Administrator you are able to decide which Workspace users have access to the Business App. If a user has permissions for Business Apps, these apps can be found by the user by clicking “Add new apps” on the main page.

Navigate back to your Workspace and click “Add new apps”

Newly installed apps can now be found here. After having made a selection, click “Add to Workspace”. The tiles are now placed on the main page of your Workspace. You can change the icon if desired. Click the tile to open the app, the Business App overview will appear. Click “New” to create a new Business App record.