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In this article we will explain how to configure your email using Exchange. SSO in the workspace is configured via oAuth2. To Exchange Online we connect via oAuth2. However, in case of an On-Prem environment this is not possible. Therefore we use integration credentials.

The workspace checks for the user's UPN and not the primary SMTP address. We recommend to keep these equal to each other. If this is not the case, add the mailbox from the email app under managed mailboxes and use this as the default send address. Otherwise you can make use of the integration credentials. The user will have to fill these in manually before they can access Exchange


If you are using Office 365 you should always leave the “Use integration credentials for Exchange connectivity” box unchecked as the Workspace automatically gets the credentials from Office 365. 

When you are using Office 365 and check the checkbox "Use integration credentials, you will receive the error below:  


By checking the checkbox for using the integration credentials, the Workspace will automatically use integrated credentials for the connection to the Exchange mailbox. This option is located in Settings > Integrations > Exchange settings.


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