Add and configure Single Sign-On Azure app


The Azure app allows you to create single sign-on to web apps, this way users don't have to remember 20 different passwords. They can simply access all their apps after filling in their credentials once. There are two steps required to add an Azure app into Workspace 365.

Part 1: Create an Azure app in Azure

First log into the Azure portal (
Go to the “Azure active directory” and select a directory.
Click on “Enterprise applications” and on the top click “new application.”
Here you have four options, choose “add from the gallery” and search the desired app.
Fill in a display name and click add.

The app is now created.


There are two more steps to finish the configuration.

First click “configure single sign-on”, select “password single sign-on” and click save.
Go back the previous menu and click on “Deploy single sign-on to users and groups” to assign Users to the app.
When you have selected all the users click on assign.
Last, go to properties and copy the user access URL.


Part 2: Now we are going to create the Azure app in Workspace 365.


Navigate to your workspace and log in as an admin.
To add the app into workspace go to Settings > App store.
Click on the drop-down menu “Add new apps” and select Azure app.
Paste the link you copied from the Azure app in the text box SSO URL and fill in a name for the app, when all is done click done.
At last go to your Workspace 365 dashboard, “click add tiles” and choose your azure app.
You can now add the Azure App in a Tile Group and you are finished.


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