Configure Clientless RDP Connections


To manage the connections to a Gateway, open the Gateway via “Clientless RDP”, select the Gateway from the overview and click “Open” from the action bar.



To create a new connection, click “New Connection” from the actionbar.


The following fields are mandatory:

  • Name
  • Gateway URL
  • Server Account username
  • Server Account password

The port field is the port where the RDP server is listening on, usually 3389. This parameter is optional. If this is not specified, the default of 3389 will be used.

Optional you choose if the background from the RDP connection is enabled.


Remote app

If you want to make an specific app available from this connection, fill in the “Remote app” section. Fill in the program name. Make sure to place “||” in front of the published program name (e.g. ||Afas, ||Resource and Performance Monitor etc.).

The Work directory field: fill in here the location where the specified application in the Program field is (e.g. C:\PublishedApps\ or C:\Windows\System32\)

Optional is to configure Parameters to remote app the connection.


Terminal server gateway

To support the connections from a app and/or desktop connection on a Terminal Server, you can add the Gateway settings to this section. As first you fill in your hostname of the RDS/Terminal Server gateway.

Optional is the port to connect to. By default 443 is used. If you use this port, the field can be let empty. It is also possible to configure a domain and loadbalance info for this gateway.

You can retreive this info by downloading and editing the .rdp file on your pc.


To edit or delete existing connections of the gateway, select a connection from the overview and choose the action from the action bar.


Note: When a connection is deleted, the created app will still be available from apps management and the user’s dashboard. Only the link to the connection is removed. This will result in an error when opening the app. To enable the correct usage off the app, choose the correct connection from the dropdown in apps management.




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