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FAQ & Usage of the Clientless RDP app

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In this article we will explain how to use the Clientless RDP app along with some frequently asked questions. 


Usage of the app

Switching between application in connections

To switch (ALT+TAB) between applications in the same connection to Clientless RDP (window). Use the application button. If this button is not present, please raise a Clientless RDP Update ticket.

Switch apps clientless rdp Workspace 365

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Due to browser restrictions it is not possible to redirect the printer(s) inside the Clientless RDP session and print documents within the session (CTRL+P). However, you can download files as PDF. When saved on your device locally, you are able to print it.

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File sharing

To share documents in the Clientless RDP connection you can use Drag and Drop as well as copy and paste. Copy and paste will only work with text and not with files.

Bear in mind that the performance is not optimal when sharing files via a Clientless RDP connection.

These files are stored on the Clientless RDP machine. There can be stored a maximum of 5GB. But keep in mind, this isn't for storage purposes.

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Full screen

When you want to resize the remote app via the full screen button, it does not save the size of the app the next time you open this app.

To bypass this, change the size manual by dragging the app over the whole screen. The next time you open this remote app, it will be the previous set size.

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Does copy/paste work in Clientless RDP?

Yes, copy/paste works in Clientless RDP. Please be sure you approved your web browser to allow the function.


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Does file transfer work in Clientless RDP?

Yes, you can drag the file into the Clientless RDP session. When it's done, you can find the file in the location below:


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Do multiple screens work in Clientless RDP?

No, due to the limitation of the browser its not possible to connect multiple screens in one Clientless RDP session.

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Is it possible to have multiple Remote Desktop sessions for a single user at the same time?

This is possible, depending on the RDS configuration as we rely on these settings. For allowing concurrent user sessions you need to change the terminal server settings in the registry on the server itself. When a user is allowed to have multiple sessions, applications can be opened in separate windows/tabs. 

An explanation on how to do this can be found at:

Integration credentials work the same with SSO like Microsoft does. You log in with an account and have access to all your applications via SSO. When logging in with a different account, you will be logged out from the previous session. You can only work with one identity at the same time. Example: you can use 1 integration sets to access different RDP servers with the same identity. 

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