Branding your Workspace

  1. Overview
  2. Branding settings
  3. Multiple brandings
  4. Upload logo's
Quick reference:
Settings -> Branding


As an administrator you are able to easily brand Workspace 365. You can select the colors, workspace logo, home logo and even the product name. This will give you as a partner the recognition you deserve! After completing the steps in the document, you will be able to change the branding of your Workspace.


Branding settings page

It is possible to brand your Workspace. This can be done by the Administrator of the Workspace. When this is created by the Administrator, the newly created design of the Workspace will automatically be set as default for all other users within the Workspace.

There are a number of possibilities when branding the Workspace:

  1. You can set the branding as default (Set as default branding);
  2. Set a name for your branding (Branding name);
  3. You can create a Workspace name (Product Name);
  4. Change the colors used in the Workspace (Color & Header Color);
  5. Implement the logos of your choice (Workspace logo & Home logo);
  6. Create solid content for the support page (Support information);

The Workspace logo is located on the dashboard bottom right. The Home logo is located on the top left. 


You can find the Branding options when logged in with the Administrator account, then navigate to “Settings” and “Branding”. After this click on "New".



We have the option to set a white header styling for live tiles and option to set a white header styling for the workspace.



We have also the option to set a "primary color". You can choose a color for you workspace and apps.
We recommend this function if you want to set a branding for all the icons.

Creating your own branded Workspace is easy and can be created within minutes. When all changes are made, the only thing left to do is saving the changes. To do this, click “Done” in the upper left of the screen.



Multiple brandings in an environment

You can set multiple brandings within a single workspace environment. These brandings can be assigned on user and group level. All users without a custom branding assigned to them get the "default" branding.



Uploading logos

The following file types are supported:

  • .jpeg
  • .gif
  • .png
  • .pjpeg

The maximum file size is 5 MB.