2. Manage Clientless RDP Gateway

In Workspace 365 you need to configure the Clientless RDP Gateway first. This gateway manages all the RDP connections. The connections can be set up in the connections page.

To access the Clientless RDP settings, go to the “Options” menu and click settings. Click “Clientless RDP” menu on the left.


Fill in the details to configure the gateway. The Clientless RDP Gateway settings can be retrieved from the Clientless RDP Gateway Setup. The following fields are mandatory:

  • Name
  • Gateway URL(created with the setup)
  • Service Account username
  • Service Account password

When you filled in all the information, it should look something like this:

The name of the Gateway can be chosen. The Gateway URL must be the URL configured during the Clientless RDP Gateway setup. The Service Account username and password can be provided by the Clientless RDP Gateway admin.

Fill in all the details and click “Save” in the action bar. Now you see an overview of the created Gateway(s).


When you select a Gateway, you are able to manage this Gateway. By clicking “New” a new Gateway can be created. By clicking “Open” the configured Gateway opens and the connections related to this Gateway. It’s also possible to edit or delete the Gateway.


Note: When deleting a Gateway, all the linked connections to this gateway will NOT be deleted. If you want to delete the connections also, you have to remove them first. If the connections aren’t deleted first, they will be linked to the gateway. Even if the gateway is deleted. When the gateway is added after deletion, the connections will be linked to that gateway again.