1. Live E-Mail tile
  2. Multiple mailbox/folders in tile


Live E-Mail tile

The Live E-Mail tile shows you an overview of the last unread e-mails from the account you are logged in with. Its possible to quickly write an E-Mail by clicking on the "+" icon.

From the live tile, you can open Outlook Web Access(OWA) directly or the Workspace 365 Email app, by changing the Destination in Apps Management.

To activate the app:
Change the tile format to 4 x 4 or higher to get live version.
When changed back to 2 x 2 or 1 x 1 format it will show the regular icon.


Multiple mailboxes/folders in tile

It's now possible to have more Tab's in E-mail to work easier, faster and more efficient.

Maximum amount for feeds is 3.

  1. Click on "Edit your workspace" and click on "Edit tile" from Email.

  2. Click on the "Plus icon".

  3. Select the Email.

  4. Select the Folder map you want to see.

  5. Give the Tab a name and save.

  6. Now click on save again for the Workspace settings.

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