1. Overview
  2. Activate the live view
  3. Shared calendar
  4. Create new item



The Live Calendar tile shows you an overview of the coming appointments from the account you are logged in with. By clicking on the "+" icon you can quickly set an event.

From the live tile, you can see detailed appointment information when you click on a appointment. From the bottom you can open the Calendar.

Activate the live view

Change the tile format to 4 x 4 or higher to get live version.
When changed back to 2 x 2 or 1 x 1 format it will show the regular icon.



Shared calendar

It is also possible to add a shared calendar. To do this, edit the tile.



Choose for the "+" and choose the available calendars which you would like to add. This calendar is added as another drop down in the calendar tile.



Create new item

When clicking “Create new calendar event” from the Calendar live tile,
a dialog will be opened instead of a new window.
This allows users to stay in the same page.