Create an app link for your application

Quick reference:
Settings -> App store

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To gain access to applications directly, anywhere in Workspace 365, it's possible to create an "app link". You can create app links for the following applications:

  • Clientless RDP
  • Citrix XenApp

Create app link

Note: For the full Single Sign-On experience, setup oAuth2. Keep in mind that the user(s) needs to be authenticated. If using oAuth2, the user can easily use the workspace applications via Single Sign-On. If not, the user needs to sign in to the workspace with the Azure AD credentials. 

To create an "app link" you navigate to the App store and open the App.
After this you will see "Create app link".



You can select "app link". Here you can enable or disable the link. This link is an unique URL directly to that specific application. Keep in mind that you set the correct permissions to that application. 



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Enable all app links for supported apps

You can enable all app links in one go from "Settings > Workspace management > Enable all app links for supported apps". 


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