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The Yammer tile shows you an overview of Yammer feed from the account you are logged in with. You can use the dropdown menu at the top of the live tile to switch between the tabs. Furthermore, you can view detailed feed information and can comment on posts. Clicking on the Yammer hyperlink will take you to the Yammer site. 


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Activate the app

To add the tile to your Workspace, go to the App store (or click on "+ Add tiles"). Search for and select Yammer (the Yammer tile can be found under the communication category). Then, add it to Workspace (either to a new or existing group). 


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Edit the tile

For custom configuration of the live tile, right-click the tile from your Workspace and choose Edit tile. Here you can set the desired configuration of the app, including the app color and icon, size, name or change to a different yammer group.



How to add a new feed to the tile

It is possible to add more feeds to the live tile. 

  • Right-click the Yammer tile (edit mode).
  • Select Other group
  • Fill in the the Group's feed ID and give the tab a Name.
  • Click Save.


How to retrieve the group's feed ID

In the classic version of Yammer, we used to be able to retrieve the feed-ID from the URL. However, in the modern version this is no longer the case, because the URL format has changed:


In order to retrieve the feed-ID, you can use Base64 decode. For further instructions, click here

It is possible to switch between these versions within Yammer. However, this option may be hidden and is dependent on the settings within your organization. You must then allow users to still return to classic Yammer and switch back to the new Yammer at any time.

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