From version 3.45 we have made a change to the Autotask configuration. To prevent issues, please check out our latest announcements for more information.
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Step 1. Register an environment

Before you start with the configuration of Workspace 365, a Global Administrator must first be created in Office 365. If there already is an Office 365 environment with a Global Administrator, please use this user account during the process. For more information on the Workspace 365 requirements, click here

New tenants can be created via API or using the PowerShell script

With Workspace, you are able to register multiple environments for multiple customers.


Binding an Office 365 tenant to a Workspace 365 environment is the first step when setting up the Workspace. Each environment must be created with a Global Admin of the corresponding Office 365 tenant. After creation of the Workspace using the Powershell script, you will be presented with the URL. Navigate to the URL. After logging in, you will be prompted to set up Single Sign-On.

You can even add a custom URL to redirect your customer environment, e.g. "/tenant X", to that same customer domain X. For this, you can submit a Change Request.

Multiple Workspace 365 environments can be linked to one Office 365 tenant and a single Workspace 365 environment can be linked to one Office 365 tenant. You can not link multiple Office 365 tenants to one Workspace 365 environment. 


Workspace does not change your Azure AD/Office 365 production environment. We integrate Office 365 and Azure AD Services.

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