Step 3: Configure SharePoint & Fileserver(s)


After you have configured Single Sign-On, you can start to enter the workspace. The Welcome wizard will ask you to configure Exchange and SharePoint. If you have Office365/Exchange Online you don't have to configure anything.

Sometimes your SharePoint URL cannot be detected. In that case, fill it in manually. Afterwards your SharePoint is configured by the wizard. 

You can do additional configuration on the SharePoint and Fileserver(s). Navigate to Settings -> SharePoint documents. Here you can choose to set your settings for SharePoint. 

You can also choose to set up Fileserver(s) in combination with SharePoint or as the only document store. Navigate to Settings -> Fileservers. Here you can configure the fileserver URL. Make sure this fileserver is accessible via WebDav SSL.

For more information on how to set up SharePoint and Fileserver(s) click here.

 You can also configure to use Online Office apps for the fileserver.
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