Release notes v2.58.0


We've just successfully updated Workspace 365 towards version 2.58.0. The announced improvements are now live. The release notes of this update can be reviewed here:

Release Notes V2.58.0

The service update (v2.58.0) on 25/05/2018 has brought the following:


  • Now an admin can setup a global logfile location in the Deployment parameters for all servers in a farm when multi-server setup is used.
  • Added larger RSS tile sizes, which include images.
  • Ability to set smaller sizes for certain apps.
  • We now have sync tool for On-Premises Active Directory environments.
  • Admins can schedule a maintenance for certain apps.
  • Support for WebDav fileservers in Office tiles.
  • We implemented a new feature which will inform users about new functionalities.
  • In the documents app, users are now able to upload folders.
  • It is now possible to create folders from the fileserver item selector.
  • When creating an Office file via the Plus menu in the header, the user is able to select a WebDav fileserver as a location.


  • Steps indicator was not shown in the Welcome wizard and other dialogs.
  • When a user added attachments to an email message it was impossible to remove them.
  • When leaving edit mode, sometimes the profile pictures in the Yammer tile would not appear.
  • Fixed situation where the “Share link is disabled” dialog would not show from the live Documents tile.
  • On Safari MacOS, when a user created a new Business App child record from the parent, the related field was not set correctly and the Back button did not work properly.
  • Not all validation was done when creating a user configured tile.
  • Busy indicator was not shown on Single Sign-On configuration page.


  • Extend support for different fileserver providers, e.g. Nextcloud.
  • Office items will be hidden in the Plus menu of the header if neither SharePoint and WebDav are configured.