How to announce a new release to customers?

As an IT partner you want to support your customers as well as possible and just like ours, your goal is to simplify people’s work. For this reason we continuously develop new functions for the digital workspace, with which people can be even more productive. But how do you share this with the employees of customers? In this article we give a few practical tips to help you with this.

Focus on the people, not the function

Every development is related to people. Put the focus in all communication on why something is changing and what the result will be for the people who use it. Tip: watch the Golden Circle by Simon Sinek. In this he explains how people get triggered.


Determine the right frequency and priority

Is it necessary to send an email for every new release? Probably not. For us as a product developer this is important to keep everyone updated on the workspace, but if you also offer other products and services as an IT partner it’s important to scan, filter and translate all important update information for your customers. By letting the marketing department organise a monthly update you’ll realise at least 12 contact moments per year.

Choose the right communication channel

Do you send an email with each update? Or does a video suit your target audience better? Or does the product you offer already show updates within the product itself, so you don’t have to communicate anything? Let a communication professional within your company sign up for all mailings from products you offer, so he or she can bundle all this information through the right channel.


Making videos is easy

Video is a great way to present new updates to your customers. In the video you can tell customers about the impact of new functionalities while showing it. And for an update video you don’t need to have an editing-genius. With a smartphone, USB microphone, simple video editor and screen recording tool (like Camtasia) you can get pretty far. That is how these videos were made:

Thumbnail_ISSYS.png  Thumbnail_Update_254.png

New: Workspace 365 release screen

What better place to announce changes than in the product itself? That’s why we’ve added the new release screen with update 2.58. When there has been an update in which there were important items for all users, they will see a screen after logging in with information about the new additions. This way everyone is quickly informed and as a partner you don’t have to use extra resources to announce the new functionalities. Do you have any tips or feedback on our release screen? Let is know via: [email protected]

Social selling through LinkedIn

Share the blogs, videos and images on social media. By sharing previews of future updates and asking people to give feedback, you keep them involved. What makes social media such a convenient channel, is that you can reach many potential customers through your current customers. And what better message to share with potential customers than that the workspace you can offer them has become even better?

Don’t overwhelm your customers

You don’t want to overwhelm (potential) customers with messages. Therefore, combine information from all services you offer into one logical story, focused on the results and not the functionalities. By using content offered by the product developer (like us), more time is left for you to spend on (potential) customers.

Together on the product, together on articles

Together with our partners, we make the best workspace by gathering feedback. If you also get feedback, we’d love to hear it. Do you have any ideas for an article? Or a burning question about Workspace 365? Let us know, because we are happy to help.