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App settings

Quick reference:
Settings -> App store

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From the App store you can set the configuration and customization of the desired app under the Settings tab. Additional settings like Who has access and Maintenance are described here

To edit an app, right-click it.




The basics of each app are the same. It contains the following:

  • Icon
  • Color
  • App name

Other possible configuration fields depend on the app type.

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By default an icon is added to the app type. If you like to change the icon you can browse through our list of available icons. If your desired icon is not present, you can easily upload your own icon. 


When uploading an icon you can use svg or png files. The maximum file size for both types is 10KB. The recommended size for png is a maximum of 76px by 76px. There is no limit on the dimensions for svg.

You can easily edit and create your own icons by a single slick with the following program:


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With this checkbox you can enable/disable the application. If you disable the application, the tiles from users connected to this app will remain intact. If you choose to deactivate the application, all connected tiles are removed.

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Quick reference:
Settings -> Branding

You can choose the background color of the application. 

If you choose a darker background color, the icon and text will turn white. A lighter color will make the text and icon dark, as presented in the example below.


Depending on the color of your choosing, you might need to adjust some branding settings, such as "Live tile styling" and "Text and icon styling for tiles and apps"


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App name

This is the name the users will see if the app is pushed to their dashboards or from the "Add new tile" sidebar.

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