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App permissions

Quick reference:
Settings -> App store

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In the App store you can set the configuration and customization of the desired app. The Who has access tab is the place where you can determine who can access the app. It's also possible to assign an app owner to an application. 

All users will have permissions for the default apps in Workspace, like the Documents app, Email app and Online Editor apps. For these default apps, permissions cannot be set. For non-default apps, permissions must be assigned.
We recommend to assign permissions based on security/application groups and not on individual levels.


Who has access

By default everyone has access to applications. If you like to change this default permission:

  • Uncheck the checkbox "Everyone has access". 




  • Here, you see an overview with all the users and groups assigned to the app.
  • Click on the group- or individual user icon to switch between the views. 




  • Click on +Add to give groups or users permission to the app. 
  • They can find the app by clicking Add tiles at the Workspace main page or via the App store (if not already shared via a Shared app group by the administrator).


App owner

It's possible to assign the owner role to users and groups for apps (or Shared tile groups for example). To give a user permissions to an app:

  • Go to the App store and search for the corresponding app. 
  • Then, click on Edit. 



  • Now, select the Owner tab.
  • Here you can click on +Add to assign owner permissions to the app to individual users or groups.
  • Use the user icon to switch between the group- and user view. 




  • Click on Save when you're done. 

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