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Add tiles

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In this article we explain how you can add tiles to your Workspace. There are two kind of actions you can preform:

  1. Select available tiles
  2. Create a tile
When users have not been granted access to certain applications by the admin, they won't be able to add these tiles to their Workspace.


Add tiles

Personal space

Tiles can be added from the App store. To access the App store, click on the waffle icon or click on "+ Add tiles" to add tiles to your Workspace. 


The App store will open. You can select one or multiple tiles and add them to your Workspace. These tiles are preconfigured by the admin and do not need additional configuration.


If you want to create your own personalized tiles, click on "Create tile" and then "Create".



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Shared space

Administrators can add tiles directly from the App store to the Workspace (via +Add tiles or the waffle icon). They will have to option to add tiles to a new or existing Shared tile group. 


Administrators can also add tiles to Shared tile groups directly from the Shared space. When a Shared tile group has been created by the admin, they can simply click + button to add tiles to the group and click Save. These groups can be pushed to users. 


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