From version 3.45 we have made a change to the Autotask configuration. To prevent issues, please check out our latest announcements for more information.
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WebDAV SSL Communication

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The user can open files from the file server(s) with:

  • Local installed Office editors
  • Office Online Server (OOS)


WebDAV SSL communication explained


In Workspace Users can open files locally from the file server. The user contacts/communicates directly with the file storage source. An edited and saved file will be updated directly in the file server.

Workspace 365 is not used as a proxy to access files from the file server.



In Workspace Users can open their Office files from their file server through the Office Online Server. This can be hosted by us or you can host it yourself

The files will automatically save on the file server. The user does not communicate directly with the file storage source but with the Office Online Server (OOS). The webserver handles the traffic/communication to the Office Online and file server.

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