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Launching local apps on MAC

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Local apps on MAC are only accessible via Workspace on the device which they are installed to. In order to enable local applications from the Workspace, please follow the steps below. 



1. Installation LinCastor

  • Click here to navigate to the download page and click on "Download Lincastor".
  • When downloaded head to Finder and drag LinCastor file to "Programs".
  • Within Finder, navigate to "Programs" and open the LinCastor file.
  • Chances are that MAC will prompt you with a security pop-up, if this is not the case skip these few steps.
  • Click "OK"
  • Located in the top left corner of the screen click the apple sign and press "System preferences...", now choose "Security and Privacy".
  • Here is shown that the LinCastor application is blocked.
  • To open the application, press the Control key and afterwards the LinCastor file. Click on "Open".
  • A new prompt will show up, just press "open" again.
  • The application is now running in the background.

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2. Configure LinCastor

  • Double press and open the LinCastor application.
  • Click on "Add a new scheme"
  • Provide the scheme with a titel and a logical name where the URL could be started from (x-wordapp).
  • As handler select "Application" and choose the application you want to launch locally.
  • When everything is filled in right, click "Save and Activate".
  • Test the scheme in Safari to see if the applications opens correctly.
  • In the URL bar fill in your scheme name with extension ://, For example: "x-wordapp://"
  • If that does not work, you can use the AppleScript as alternative:

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3. Creating the shortcut in the Workspace

  • In the Workspace, navigate to the App store. Click on Create tile and select Shortcut. Click on Create.
  • Give the shortcut a fitting name and Icon.
  • In the field box Default web page fill in the scheme that we have just created.
  • Lastly, press Add to Workspace.
  • Finally place the shortcut on your desktop and it will open your assigned application locally.

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