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All of your contacts are now available in a sidebar on your dashboard and are equal to your Office 365 and Exchange contacts. So whenever you add a new contact there, it will automatically appear in your contacts sidebar. You can just easily search for people and click on their contact information to call them or send them an e-mail, straight from your dashboard. You can also click on a person’s location to open it in Google Maps. 

You can do the same with global contacts (GAL), i.e. the general company contacts. This way, everyone has easy access to the company’s contact list, which for instance includes your colleagues, without having to add everyone to their personal contact list one by one.



Address book

To access the Address book, click on the address book icon: adresboek_teken.PNG

Use the search bar to search through your contacts. Click on "New contact" to add personal contacts. It's possible to add, edit and delete personal contacts. Click on "Add more" to add more detailed information to your contacts such as email address, phone number, address or other.

The Organisation tab represents data from the Exchange GAL, while the 'Workspace' tab is focused on the Workspace users.

To view more contact information, simply click on a name from the address book. 



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