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If you click on your name on the top right side, the Options menu will open. Here you can choose between the following: 

  • Language
  • Settings
  • Support
  • Feedback
  • Sign out



Options menu


The language is set automatically based on the browser language.

If you want to change the language, select one of the languages from the drop-down menu. It doesn't matter from which device you are trying to access Workspace, the language will be the same for all devices. 
You can choose your preferred date and time settings by changing the Workspace to English: United Kingdom, New Zealand or Australia. For first-time visitors, the browser will automatically detect the language settings. 



Localized app names

Even though the Workspace and all of its application names are offered in English, you can set a different language and app name (despite the configured Workspace language) for the following apps:

  • Announcements
  • Birthdays
  • Documents
  • Calendar
  • Address Book
  • Email
  • People

For example: if you change the Workspace language from English to Danish, these apps will be translated to Danish. So now the Documents app will be named "Dokumenter". You can go to the App store and change the name of the "Dokumenter" app to "Documents_V2":


Switching between Workspace languages will not overwrite the chosen app name "Documents_V2". However, if you change it back to the chosen Workspace language, in this case Danish ("Dokumenter"), the app starts to behave as localized again. This means that the app name will now change in correspondence with the chosen Workspace language. 

App names can be changed for all apps from the App store, not just only localized apps. 

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In the settings you can make changes to;

  • User profile
  • Integration credentials
  • Email settings
  • Document view(optional)

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If you need help with your Workspace you may need to contact the IT-Partner. Under Support the contact details are listed. When you need the Workspace version, it's listed on the bottom left of the support page.


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If you want to send feedback to improve the experience in the Workspace, you can provide it via the feedback button.


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