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Step 3. Edit your Workspace

After adding tiles to your Workspace, you can easily edit your Workspace.


You can now do the following:

  1. Move an app to the desired (personal) group by clicking and dragging it.
    (Unless you're owner of a Shared tile group, you are allowed to edit these groups as well).
  2. Change the name of the group by clicking on the title.
  3. Move a group by clicking on the title (or the two horizontal stripes on the upper right corner) and dragging it.  
  4. Edit an app by right-clicking the tile and select “Edit tile”.
  5. Delete an app by right-clicking the tile and select "Delete from Workspace".


Do you want to decide for yourself which groups are visible on the Workspace? Click “Groups” in the action bar and select the groups you want to be visible.


Click here for more information on editing the Workspace.