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Step 4. Important information in one glance

By opening the Workspace you will instantly have an overview of your workday.


In the live calendar you instantly see your appointments for the day. You can click on an appointment to see more details. If you want to make a new appointment, you click on “CALENDAR” in the bottom right corner of the tile.

Live email lets you view your unread messages. You can view them in the mailbox by clicking on “EMAIL”.

In the news tile you can see the latest messages from internal or external sources, added by your organisation. 

The “Recent documents” tile gives fast access to the files you’re working in. Click a file or “DOCUMENTS” to navigate to the document or document app.

You can easily add a newsfeed by yourself with for instance procurements, interesting mailings or professional news.

  1. Click on “Add tiles”
  2. Select the RSS tile


  1. Choose an icon, colour and a name for the app
  2. Give the Tab a name so it’s clear which news it shows
  3. Add the RSS-feed URL, this is usually recognizable on a website by the icon shown here on the right
  4. Select Feed type “Public” if it’s a public website
  5. Add the shortcut to the site at the “Site url” field
  6. Click on the plus icon below to add another tab. This is possible up to a maximum 3 tabs.


It is possible that this action will not succeed as not all RSS-feed types are supported.

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