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Troubleshooting Workspace synctool


While installing the Workspace365 Synctool you might run in to some error code in the log files.



Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0
Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant
Install PowerShell 5.0 
Install module in PowerShell 5.0:
"install-module Azure"
"install-module AzureRm"
An active Azure subscription is required.



"API Endpoint or resource id was not found"

018-08-16 16:42:00.689 ActiveDirectoryToWorkspaceSyncTool.ActiveDirectory.NotificationService - Error during W365 notification
 ActiveDirectoryToWorkspaceSyncTool.ActiveDirectory.NotificationService.A(:0) (null)
 NDAW.AdSyncApi.Client.Exceptions.NotFoundException: API Endpoint or resource id was not found

The error explains that some information that was put in is invalid.
This issue could be solved by checking the following:


The Workspace site URL

Just the site name without any attribute behind the "/". Example:"https://portal.workspace365.net"

API Token

Make sure the right API authentication token is set and "Enable sync from Active Directory" is turned on.

Environment name

The environment name has to be set, this can be found after the /.
Example: portal.workspace365.net/"john"


"Firstname and Lastname are required"

NDAW.AdSyncApi.Client.Exceptions.ServerValidationException: Server
validation failed: FirstName:This field is required, LastName:This field is requiredTh

The error explains that the workspace synctool is trying to synchronize a user without a first and last name assigned to them in azure. Fix this by making sure all users have a first and last name assigned to them.



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