Creation of a ServiceAccount in Clientless RDP Gateway


Log in with the system administrator of the Clientless RDP server in the web interface.  


Click on the Connections tab. 



Click on the “New Group”. 

Fill in the Connection group name, which should be equal to the Workspace 365 environment name. 

Click “Save”. 



Go to the Users tab. 


Click “New User”.


 Give it a name, we advise something like {Environmentname}ServiceUser (Change {EnvironmentName} with the name of the Workspace Environment).  

Give it a strong password. 


Enable the following permissions. 



Enable the following permissions on the earlier created group. 




Now everything is set, and that user which you just created is only available for that Workspace environment. 

Log in to your Workspace365 environment. 


Go to Settings -> Clientless RDP. 


Click “New Gateway”. 

Fill in the Gateway name, Gateway server address, gateway service user (The user which you created above) the gateway service user password (The password of that user). From now on your able to create connections in this environment

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