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Configure the SMTP server

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In this article we show you how to configure the SMTP server in the Workspace config. 



Custom info can be changed via the config settings, found in \inetpub\wwwroot\{tenant name}\{workspace folder}\Configs\NDAW.Core.config.

SMTP settings

<!-- START [System mailing] -->
<setting name="FromName" serializeAs="String">
<value>Workspace 365</value>
<setting name="NoReplyEmail" serializeAs="String">
<setting name="BCCEmail" serializeAs="String">
<value />
<setting name="SmtpHost" serializeAs="String">
<setting name="SmtpPort" serializeAs="String">
<setting name="SmtpAccount" serializeAs="String">
<setting name="SmtpPassword" serializeAs="String">
<!-- END [System mailing] -->

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