How to access the Business App builder

Business Apps can be build in the Business App builder environment. For navigation to this builder environment, the Administrator needs to make an addition to the Workspace environment URL (:9988). Below an example:

Example Workspace 365 environment:

Example Business App Builder environment:

For signing in to the Business App builder you need to provide the admin credentials. This can be any admin in the workspace. If you have set oAuth2 as Single Sign On setting, you need to create/request a password from the workspace. This can be done by: Request Emergency AdminAccess

If you haven't setup oAuth2 as SSO option, the password should be known.

When navigating to the Business App builder site, use the password and the admin email address to log in.


The new created password will be lost when changing the Single Sign-On settings. You can simply get a new password by following the steps above.