Announcement: update Workspace 365 v2.64.0


The release of Workspace 365 v2.64.0 will be deployed on 21-09-2018 between 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM Central European Time. ​The following will be implemented when this version goes live: 



  • It is now possible to embed a Shared tile group URL in other platforms to keep your workspace close, wherever you are (this can be enabled by IT partners) 
  • You can now add a Google search tile to your workspace 
  • IT partners are now able to add a TOPdesk live tile to the Workspace bringing the tickets and their status into their customers workspace 
  • It is now possible to open the location of a bookmarked item  
  • The Email app now supports more tile sizes with more information
  • It is now possible to hide tile headers and footers from web content tiles  


  • The Plus button of the Documents app tile now shows a correct tooltip 
  • The left-side panel in the Documents app now shows the location when an item is selected via browser navigation or the open location of a bookmark  
  • Users now see the right content when they go back to the document library from the Recycle bin using the back-button in their browser
  • In the Workspace365 Contacts side bar some users showed tags instead of actual emails 
  • Pressing "Enter" when the search input in the contacts sidebar was focused resulted in a page refresh, this is now fixed 


  • Workspace will stay in edit mode after editing and saving a tile 
  • "Reply all" became the default action in the reply menu in the Email app 
  • Navigation from URL to shared with me folders works correctly now 
  • The styling of the ‘create a link dialog’ in the Documents app is improved 
  • Shared cache usage was improved and split into cache, temp data and locks