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We want to help our white label partners to use Workspace 365 for the interaction with their customers. A way to do this is to give customers insight into their tickets, without having to log in to an external system.

We developed integration for this in TOPdesk. Also, we will start supporting Auto task in the near future. In this version it’s only possible to see the (status of) open tickets. The next step is to also let customers submit new tickets through Workspace 365.

To configure TOPdesk as an partner click here.

To add this feature, navigate to "Settings" > "App store" > "TOPdesk"
And check mark the "Enable" box.mceclip0.png

The signed in user will only see their own created tickets, filtered by the UPN. If that user does not exists in TOPdesk, it will be created and it could take up to 10 minutes before this is updated in the workspace. 

This configuration is only possible on instance level. For individual environments this is not possible right now. This means that you can only configure one TOPdesk for all the workspaces registered on the instance.
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