From version 3.45 we have made a change to the Autotask configuration. To prevent issues, please check out our latest announcements for more information.
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TOPdesk tile

Quick reference:
Settings -> Integrations -> TOPdesk connections

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There are two scenarios for configuring TOPdesk in Workspace. In this article we explain how to set up the TOPdesk integration. 


TOPdesk within a Workspace Tenant (update 3.11)

In Update 3.11 we are introducing a upgraded version of the TOPdesk live tile. In this version you are able to enable any organisation to take advantage of the benefits of TOPdeskThis way, both IT Support and other employees can instantly view and open support tickets from the TOPdesk live tile. Based on people’s login to the Workspace, the tile will instantly show the correct support tickets. 

TOPdesk configuration on instance level (update 2.64)

In update 2.64 we introduced TOPdesk live tile for Workspace. This configuration will give you the change to configure one TOPdesk for all the Workspaces on the instance. As an admin you need to do additional configuration to connect to your TOPdesk account. 

TOPdesk is upgraded in update 3.11. TOPdesk can be configured in two different ways.
To configure TOPdesk connections click here.



We developed an integration for this in TOPdesk. In this version it’s only possible to see the (status of) open tickets. The next step is to also let customers submit new tickets through Workspace 365.

Go to the App store (or click on "+ Add tiles"). Make sure Manage apps is selected.

Click on Add new app and search for and select TOPdesk. Then, click on Add



When you're done configuring the app, you can click Save and add the app from the App store to Workspace, either to a new or existing group. 


Configure the TOPdesk app by selecting, or adding an connection. You can read more on how to configure connections here

The signed in user will only see their own created tickets, filtered by the UPN. If that user does not exists in TOPdesk, it will be created and it could take up to 10 minutes before this is updated in the Workspace. 

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