6. Multiple Synctools

It is possible to create multiple Synctools, if you, for example, have multiple customers that want to use the Synctool. Follow the next steps to create multiple Synctools:

    1. Create a new folder for the tenant, for example "Workspace 365 AD Sync - Customer A".
    2. Copy the documents from the first Synctool folder and paste it in the new folder.
    3. Follow the installation guide starting from this link.
    4. Open "NDAW.AzureActiveDirectorySync.ConfigurationTool.exe" and fill in the settings from your new tenant.
    5. Install the new Windows Service for the new Synctool.
    6. Run PowerShell from the new Synctool folder and enter:
      .\NDAW.AzureActiveDirectorySync.Runner.exe install -servicename "Workspace 365 AD Synctool Customer A" -displayname "Workspace 365 AD Synctool Customer A"
Be aware that you fill in a new service & display name with each customer.