6. Multiple Synctools

It is possible to create multiple Synctools, if you, for example, have multiple customers that want to use the Synctool. Follow the next steps to create multiple Synctools:

    1. Create a new folder for the tenant, for example "Workspace 365 AD Sync - Customer A".
    2. Copy the documents from the Synctool folder and paste it in the new folder. Take in mind to set up the configuration like you would for your first customer, as described in step 3 "Using the Azure Active Directory Synctool Configuration UI". 
    3. Follow the installation guide starting from this link.
    4. Open "NDAW.AzureActiveDirectorySync.ConfigurationTool.exe" and fill in the settings from your new tenant.
    5. Install the new Windows Service for the new Synctool.
    6. Run PowerShell from the new Synctool folder and enter:
      .\NDAW.AzureActiveDirectorySync.Runner.exe install -servicename "Workspace 365 AD Synctool Customer A" -displayname "Workspace 365 AD Synctool Customer A"
Be aware that you fill in a new service & display name with each customer.