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Enable Shared tile group embedding

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Some companies use multiple platforms for different employee groups to communicate and consume information. Why not extend these platforms and integrate all the applications you use? To make it easier to reach (web and RDP) applications or information based on people’s role, we now made it possible to integrate your Workspace 365 Shared tile groups within any platform that supports iFrames and is connected to OAuth/Azure for authentication. This allows people to easily access their legacy applications, such as RDP or Citrix apps, from all their platforms using Workspace 365.



Before enabling this we recommend reading this article about setting the right security settings. 

Custom info can be changed via the config settings, found in \inetpub\wwwroot\{tenant name}\{workspace folder}\Configs\NDAW.Html.Front.config

<setting name="EnableTileGroupEmbedding" serializeAs="String">

If this config is changed to "True", a new option will be available on the Shared tile group. 

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