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Configure TOPdesk

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There are two scenarios for configuring TOPdesk in Workspace.

TOPdesk within a Workspace Tenant (update 3.11)

In Update 3.11 we are introducing a upgraded version of the TOPdesk live tile. In this version you are able to enable any organization to take advantage of the benefits of TOPdeskThis way, both IT Support and other employees can instantly view and open support tickets from the TOPdesk live tile. Based on people’s login to the Workspace, the tile will instantly show the correct support tickets. 

TOPdesk configuration on instance level (update 2.64)

In update 2.64 we introduced TOPdesk live tile for Workspace. This configuration will give you the change to configure one TOPdesk for all the Workspaces on the instance. As an admin you need to do additional configuration to connect to your TOPdesk account. 

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This is the URL where your TOPdesk is available on.


This is the Username from your TOPdesk. This can be a newly created account in TOPdesk. This account must have the 'Operator' role. Make sure this user has at least 'read permission'.

App password

As last you need to generate an app password. Follow the documentation described here

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Configure TOPdesk for a single Workspace tenant

  • Go to the Settings
  • Go to Integrationss
  • Click on TOPdesk Connections
  • Click New


It is also possible to configure the TOPdesk connections during the editing of the TOPdesk application. By clicking on the Add button next to connections.

In this config there are three variables you need to set:

  • Name
  • TOPdesk URL
  • Username
  • Application password

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Configure one TOPdesk for all Workspaces on an instance

This configuration is only possible on instance level. With this Configurations you can only configure one TOPdesk for all Workspaces.


As an admin you need to do additional configuration to connect to your TOPdesk account.

Custom info can be changed via the Connectionstring settings, found in \inetpub\wwwroot\{tenant name}\{workspace folder}\Configs\ConnectionStrings.config
<add name="TopDesk" connectionString="Address={{TOPdesk url}};Username={{Username}};ApplicationPassword={{Application password}}"/>

In this config there are three variables you need to set:

  • {{TOPdesk url}}
  • {{Username}}
  • {{Application password}}

You need to set these to your own TOPdesk configuration.


<add name="TopDesk" connectionString="Address=;Username=TopDeskUser;ApplicationPassword=37d-djf2-dsa3"/>

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