How to configure TOPdesk

This configuration is only possible on instance level. For individual environments this is not possible right now. This means that you can only configure one TOPdesk for all the workspaces registered on the instance.
In this article is being described how to set up the live tile for TOPdesk. As an admin you need to do additional configuration to connect to your TOPdesk account.
Custom info can be changed via the Connectionstring settings, found in \inetpub\wwwroot\{tenant name}\{workspace folder}\Configs\ConnectionStrings.config
<add name="TopDesk" connectionString="Address={{TOPdeskUrl}};Username={{Username}};ApplicationPassword={{AppPassword}}"/>

In this config there are three variables you need to set:

  • {{TOPdeskUrl}}
  • {{Username}}
  • {{AppPassword}}

You need to set these to your own TOPdesk configuration.


<add name="TopDesk" connectionString="Address=;Username=TopDeskUser;ApplicationPassword=37d-djf2-dsa3"/>


This is the URL where your TOPdesk is available on.


This is the Username from your TOPdesk. This can be a newly created account in TOPdesk. This account must have the 'Operator' role.


As last you need to generate an app password. Follow the documentation described here


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