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How-to tile

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In this live tile, brandless videos explain different features of the Workspace and how to perform specific actions, such as adding new tiles, creating personal and shared groups, how to add RSS feeds and much more.

With the How-to tile, people can easily learn how to perform and find several actions and features themselves, without having to ask anyone. This will save your admin or service desk a lot of time and questions. It will also make the transition to the new Workspace a lot easier, since people can effortlessly learn how to use it.

Whenever you’ve watched a video, you can check off the video in question and it will move to the tile tab “Watched how-tos”. So if you’d like to watch a video again, you’ll be able to find it there.


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The app can be found onder the category "Other" in the App store. Select the app and add it to Workspace, either to a new or existing group. 


The live tile is available in each format (right-click the tile to edit). From format 4x8 and smaller, the live tile is shown without images. From format 6x6 and larger, you will see the How to's with images.


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