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Release notes Workspace 365 V3.5.0

We've just successfully updated Workspace 365 towards version 3.5.0. The announced improvements are now live. The release notes of this update can be reviewed here:


  • The new Announcements live tile brings your social intranet to the workspace. It is now possible to create announcements (e.g. company news) from and show them in a live tile 
  • We proudly present shared spaces in Workspace 365. Admins can now create spaces for different user groups, to create more structure in the workspace. In the top of the header people can switch between their personal or shared spaces.  
  • In a shared space you can only add shared groups. 
  • When a user has multiple spaces, their current workspace is now referred to as the personal space. 
  • As you can now have a space with specific shared groups it is now possible to set a default visibility for shared groups in the personal spaces. 


  • When typing text in the body of a new email and hitting enter, the type cursor did not move to the next line. Different browsers applied different behaviours when performing this action.  
  • Improved styles for some of the Single Sign-On pages.  
  • Inline images in linked emails were not correctly shown.  
  • Bookmarked images could not be previewed.  
  • An incorrect error message was shown when trying to create a OneNote file with a name that already existed.  
  • The busy indicator in the action bar was not branded.  
  • When opening the Permissions dialog for SharePoint folders and files, no visual indicator was shown that something was happening.  
  • The tab selector dropdown menu for 4x4 tiles did not show a scrollbar.  
  • The How-To live tile kept polling data when it was not visible anymore.  
  • When the text in the dropdown of the “tab” configuration was too long, a horizontal scrollbar would appear.  
  • Azure AD Sync client would remove users from the workspace when it encountered an error communicating with Azure Ad. Once it was able to communicate properly with Azure AD again, it would recreate the user in the workspace.  
  • Site collections of private Office 365 Group(s) were not shown when using the new loading experience.  

Technical items

  • When we were testing the features for move/copy documents job cancellation, we found some fundamental problems with our Documents Background Service (DBS). This is also the reason why we removed it from the release in 3.3. We are now rereleasing a new version of the DBS which doesn’t have these problems. We plan to reintroduce the cancellation in a future release.  
  • We identified some rare race conditions where a request which utilized our SharePoint integration would never end and start using a CPU core indefinitely. We have restructured our SharePoint integration usage to prevent this scenario.  
  • We removed the Cobalt integration we had in place to support Office Online Server 2013 for our custom WOPI host.  
  • We changed the user interface for linking emails to Business Apps. We now present a dialog on top of the Email app instead of a separate page.