Announcement live tile

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In this live tile, you can show announcements (e.g. company news) and you are also able to instantly create new announcements from the live tile by clicking on the plus button. This makes it much easier to post content and keep people informed


With the Announcement live tile, you can easily inform people in your organization on news, updates, accomplishments or anything else you want to share. You have the option to design the text in any style you want. You are even able to add images or videos to your message.  

Moreover, for important messages, you can even choose to show it as a pop-up message as well, which people will immediately see after opening their Workspace. You can easily schedule these pop-ups by setting start and end dates and times. 

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After adding the app to the Workspace via the App store, you can right-click on the app if you want to edit the tile. The tile can be found under the communication category. 



The tile will be available in each format. From the format 4x8 and smaller, the live tile is shown without images and videos 

You can choose between the List and Carousel layout.



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