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Important: Check Workspace 365 Azure AD Sync settings

Since our latest security update (V3.4) we've introduced the following:

We are now stricter in accepting environment names from the URL. Previously, we would see “my-workspace" the same as “myworkspace", though it was never intended to work this way. We now see them as two separate environment names. We also improved the error page in these scenarios.

This may have impact on the usage of our Workspace 365 Azure AD Sync tool configurations. This can cause no harm, it can only happen that the sync tool is not syncing at all and only errors are generated by the tool. 

In the previous scenario we also supported the following configuration, we supported capital letters in the Environment name section: 


From now on you must be sure that the Environment name section is lower case:


Please be sure to check your Workspace 365 Azure AD Sync tool configuration, to prevent issues.

If you have the Environment name in capital letters, please follow these steps:

  1. Stop the Workspace 365 Azure AD Sync service
  2. Fill in the Environment name in lower case letters
  3. Save the configuration, be sure you have the "clear cache" check mark unchecked(only applicable if you have version V2.3 or lower)
  4. Start the Workspace 365 Azure AD Sync service again
  5. You're set and done.