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How to setup Clientless RDP

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With Clientless RDP you can get access to all your remote applications from any device, without installing anything. This could come in handy for companies that still use legacy applications. All the applications are available without an extra required login. Although, you can choose to set MFA for these applications for extra security.



There requirements are:

  • Workspace Adapt subscription.
  • Valid CRDP certificate and password.
  • VM running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (self-hosted).
  • Submit a Change Request (CR-06: CRDP Server request).

Would you like to make use of CRDP? You must submit a Change Request: CR-06 CRDP Server request. This has to be done despite the fact you already have an Adapt subscription for your Workspace, because the CRDP functionality depends on the CRDP Gateway. After submitting this request, we will install/configure the CRDP server.
For more information about pricing, click here. For hosted partners the monthly costs are 225 euros, unless you pay for an all-in subscription (then it's already included and you won't have to pay extra when submitting the CR). For Self-hosted partners the monthly costs are 111 euros (Canada, Australia and New Zealand are excluded: this will cost 195 euros per month).

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Follow the steps below to configure Clientless RDP for your legacy applications: 

Step 1. Create a ServiceAccount in Clientless RDP Gateway
Step 2. Configure Clientless RDP Gateway
Step 3. Configure Clientless RDP Connections
Step 4. Add Clientless RDP connection to apps management
Step 5. Add Clientless RDP app to the Workspace
Step 6. Clientless RDP user credentials

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