Facebook live tile

You can now create a Facebook live tile, where you can see all the live content.
To do this, you can create an embedded iframe plugin at the following page:


Here, you can give it your Facebook URL with a height and width.
When you are done, you can get the code below.

When you clicked “Get code” go to IFrame:


Now you have the code, go to your Workspace.
From there, go to the “App Store”.
Click “New app” and then “Web content”.


From there, add the Embed code and give the app a name.


Click Save and back. Now we need to add the app to the dashboard.
Click “Add tiles”.  Choose the app from the pop-up menu.


Click “Add to workspace”.
Give the group a name and select a size for the live tile.

When done, click save on top.
The result will look like this: