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To create a Pinterest live tile, you need to add it in the App store and place the created app on your dashboard.



Widget builder

To do this, first go to

You will see the following page on which you can select a couple of options you want to show on your page.



In this example, we will choose to add a profile. You need the URL from the profile you want to show. To obtain this, go to the profile you want and copy the URL from your browser. After this, you can add it in the requested field:

For the size, we chose to display it as a square. Now this is done, scroll down the page until you see a section with the code, it's below the preview section:

Copy both pieces of code and store it. We are now done on this page and are ready to add it in Workspace 365.


Adding the app

In your Workspace, go to the App store. From there, click on "Add new app" and then choose "Web content".

This will open a new window. 

Here, you can give the app an icon you want and can even select who has access to it and who does not and select the owners of the app. Owners can make changes to the application. 
The following fields are required:

  • App name: Give the app a name you want it to have.
  • Embed code: Here you can place the code you got from the previous steps.

Make sure you place both pieces of code directly after each other.

When we are done, it should look something like the following example:

When done, click "Save and Back". The app is now added to the App store. 
Click "Close" to close the App store. 

Now we need to add the app to the dashboard. Click on "Add tiles". 
This opens a new pop-up window, select the app and click "Add to workspace"

This will open up a new section on your dashboard. At this section, you can name the group and choose a size to display the app on the dashboard. 

To change the name for the group, click on the bar that shows: "New apps"
To change the size, hover on the app, this will show 3 dots in the top right corner of the app. 
Click on them to open the window where you can select a size.

In this example, we will use the 8x8 size. We will name the group: Pinterest. 
When done, click "Save" on top.

We are now done and it will show the created profile as a live tile:

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