7. Updating the sync tool

If you are running our Azure AD Synctool 2.2.0 or below, we suggest to us the following update procedure, you can see this based on the EXE name:


Old below version v2.2: 

- AADToW365SyncConsoleApp.exe

- ActiveDirectorySyncConfigurationTool.exe

New above version V2.2:




Follow these steps:

  1. Download the zip file and unzip it.
  2. Stop the current Azure AD Sync service.
  3. Delete the current Azure AD Sync service
    1. Open cmd and type: sc delete "servicename"
  4. Delete the following files in the current sync tool folder:
  5. Copy all files from the newly unzipped folder.
  6. Paste them in the current directory of the Azure AD Sync, and overwrite all files. 
    Re-create the service via the following article:

    .\NDAW.AzureActiveDirectorySync.Runner.exe install -servicename "servicename" -displayname "displayname"
  7. Open the Configuration UI and check if everything is configured correct
    1. Please also be sure that the environment name is non-capital letters, so DEMO is not allowed please change it to lower case. 
  8. Start the Azure AD Sync service.