Twitter live tile

Getting the code

To create a Twitter live tile, first go to the following website:

On this site, you can get the required code for embedding the Twitter live tile. On this site, you have a couple of options to embed. For this example, we will embed a Twitter profile.

On the site, it asks you to provide the URL of the content you want to embed. 

After this, you will scroll down. There you will find the code:

Copy the code and store it for now.


Creating the live tile

Quick reference:
Settings -> App store

Now, go to your Workspace 365. On the dashboard, go to the appstore. In the appstore, choose "+New app" and then "Web content". 



On the new page, you can configure the app you are about to create for the live tile to function. There are 2 fields that are required to continue:

  • App name: give the app a name.
  • Embed code: paste the code you got from the previous step.

When filled in everything, it should look something like this:

Click "Save and Back" and click "Close" to close the appstore. 
At the dashboard, click "+Add tiles" and at the new pop-up, select the app you want and then click "Add to workspace".


On the new menu, give the group a name and select the size of the application you want it to be displayed at. To give the name, click the name bar and to select the size, hover in the application and select the three dots:

We decided to give it a 8x8 size to display and named the group "Twitter".
Now click "Save".

It should result in something like this: