Have you thought about this?


When moving an environment to Workspace 365, make sure clean up the documents before the migration. Just like moving house – throw away (or archive) old and unused documents and folders to start fresh with a clear and ordered folder & document structure.

If a company uses a lot of templates, but employees keep filling them in (by accident), create a fixed template folder or team site, so templates can’t be edited.

Did you know that a lot of people have difficulty understanding the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint? That is why in the workspace we named OneDrive ‘My Documents’. The admin names the SharePoint sites/libraries and those names should be recognisable and imply that they’re company files.


Conditional Access

When you have an application with two different ways to access it (such as a local application and a Remote Desktop App), you can make sure that the app is always opened the way you want it to. You can set the conditions in such a way (e.g. on IP address) that when working inside the company network, people can only reach and view the application as a locally installed application, while working from another location they can only reach and view the same application as a Remote Desktop Application. This helps people to work safely, without any clutter.



Turn off pop-up blockers on devices to prevent not being able to open certain applications.

If adding Workspace 365 to a phone or tablet as an app, make sure you don’t make it full screen and therefore making the browser tabs hidden.