Persona Matrix explained

In the persona presentation a matrix is displayed. Below we explain and give examples of the different terms.


  • Light user. A light user is someone who’s main activities doesn’t involve their device. Like a nurse, whose main focus is caring for patients.

  • Medium user. A medium user divides their time between working on their device and other activities. A teacher, for example.

  • Heavy user. A heavy user is bound to their device. The applications they use are essential to their main activities.

  • Online. An online user only needs web applications. Nothing has to be installed on their device. This also makes them very mobile, like an EMT.

  • Hybrid. A hybrid user has a combination of legacy and web applications. Like an accountant whose software isn’t available as SaaS yet.

  • On-prem. An on-prem user mainly uses local applications and are therefore bound to a fixed workplace. A back-end developer, for instance.