Announcement Centre

What can you do with the announcement centre? Here are a few examples.

Companies can use it to inform employees of company news, like the opening of a new office location, an upcoming company outing, the promotion, resignation or retirement of a colleague or an internal office move. It is also used for IT related news, like information about their digital workspace, maintenance on applications or hardware, updates, new software and e-learning.

When announcements are Must-reads, use the pop-up feature. This way, you make sure people won’t miss the announcement. The announcement will also appear in the live tile, so people will be able to read it again.

When announcements are Nice-to-reads, just use the live tile. In the live tile, everyone has a clear overview of all their announcements and also have the option to ‘like’ posts. You can also see the amount of views of a post.

It is also possible to create and assign categories to announcements. This comes in handy for example, easily finding information by filtering based on category, when a larger amount of announcements are posted, making a distinction between different kinds of information and finding specific posts more easily and determining which category you’d like to see at first glance and set that as default (in personal groups).


A few examples of categories:

  • Company News
  • HR Announcements
  • Security Announcements
  • Technical Announcements
  • Marketing & Communication





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