How to videos

In the workspace you will find the How to video tile. In this tile, brand-less videos explain several parts of the workspace and how to perform specific actions, such as adding new tiles, creating personal and shared groups, how to add RSS feeds and much more.

The most exciting thing is that this tile has a sort of A.I. (adaptive intelligence). The videos a user sees are automatically determined based on their permissions and on what’s accessible to them in the workspace. So if, for example, Exchange is not configured for a user, they will not see a How-to video about the Email App.

Whenever you’ve watched a video, you can check it off and it will move to the tile tab “Watched how-tos”. So if you’d like to watch a video again, you’ll be able to find it there.


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You can make your own how to videos. Read here how you add a video to the workspace.

Want a How to video in your own or your customer's branding? Get in touch to discuss the possibilities of custom videos.