Announcement: update Workspace 365 v3.9.0 


The release of Workspace 365 v3.9.0 will be deployed on 13-02-2020 between 22:00 PM and 0:00 AM Central European Time. ​The following will be implemented when this version goes live: 



  • We proudly announce the possibility  to open  Windows Virtual Desktop applications  directly from  your workspace  without the need of our Local App Launcher. You can open specific WVD applications on your desktop but also on Android or IOS.


  • It was not possible to open the Word, Excel and PowerPoint tiles while the WebDav file servers were still being loaded 
  • When a user is deleted or restored, his/her profile image would not show up correctly in the corresponding overview.  
  • A site collection which could not be loaded for the Site availability settings, would result in other site collections also not being displayed.  
  • The email composer in the Email App was not consuming the full available height 
  • AAD Synctool is stopping randomly. When the AAD Sync tool doesn’t get response from Azure AD in a timely fashion, the AD Sync tool will retry after the configured schedule has passed, instead of locking up the current try.   
  • We now try to show the full appointment details in the Calendar live tile in scenarios where we can’t correctly determine if a user has permissions for full information.  


  • When you try to move or copy a SharePoint folder/file, the item picker will start in the folder where the item is based in.  
  • We now allow non-UPN usernames for integration credentials which are linked to fileservers. Note: this does not apply to Clientless RDP or Exchange links.  
  • Since release 3.3, we provide a preview feature for loading SharePoint documents more quickly by using a lazy loading function, which only loads what is required at that moment. We have monitored this new feature and found that for OneDrive is not reliable enough. Therefore, we load OneDrive via the old mechanism and the other team sites via the lazy loading function when the feature flag is enabled.  
  • We now show a loading indicator in the sidebar while the SharePoint or file servers are being loaded.  
  • When using the online editors for your file server documents and your fileserver supports locks, we will now lock the file on the fileserver when you start to edit it in the online editor. This means that if another user tries to edit the file via the local editor, the local editor should inform the user that the file is already being edited.  


Technical items 

  • We improved an optimisation in the Document Background Service when moving items from/to/between SharePoint libraries.   
  • We have removed the Thinfinity app.  
  • We changed the default HSTS max-age to 1 year.