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Clientless RDP Update V1.1


Good news, a new version of Clientless RDP is available! Please get in touch if you would like to get this update. This version will bring the following changes:

  • The app switcher will only work on systems which run Windows Server 2016 or above. The Windows 2012 is deprecated. 

Release notes: 


  • Replaced the favicon of the Clientless RDP with a "screenshot" of the current opened application or desktop, this will update automatically based on the open application. 
  • Possibility to enable Multi Factor Authentication for admins.
  • Additional keyboard layouts
    • Swiss-German keyboard layout is added
    • Danish keyboard layout is added
  • Support for Ctrl+Alt+Del. (Can be used as Ctrl+Alt+End) in the session


  • Issue with freezing sessions, in some scenario's when the RDS Gateway was used it could result in a freezing session for the user, which resulted in a high CPU usage on the back-end of the Clientless RDP machine. This is now resolved!
  • Issue when a session was sometimes not initialized in Full screen;
  • Print issues when larger documents where printed it sometimes failed due to a conversion error.
  • Right control key mapping, now when pressed it is correctly translated to the back-end machine.
  • Incorrect naming of the redirected printer or drive.
  • Issue when using Clientless RDP on iOS 13+ that you are not able to use the mouse or scroll.


  • Redesigned the App switcher
    • The app switcher will only work on systems which run Windows Server 2016 or above.
    • The app switcher is relocated to the bottom right corner.
  • We re-branded the Clientless RDP to match the Workspace 365 branding.
  • Image quality based on the client connection.
  • Correctly forward the timezone of the current connected client to the back-end machine. 
  • Clipboard behavior.
  • Keyboard handling added support for dead keys
  • Poor connection behavior. 
    • Improved algorithm to detect the connection stability. To prevent incorrect popup of poor connection. 
  • Improved the sound streaming from the session to the client

Technical items

  • New and improved RDP mechanism, the RDP mechanism is updated to a complete new version, which results in a more stable and reliable connection, also better performance.
  • When authentication failed a session is now cleaned correctly, which means that unused processes are killed.